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Tips On How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Maintaining your wedding dress doesn't just start after the wedding. Our consulted bridal experts gave us all the tips for maintaining, cleaning and preserving your wedding dress in the best conditions.

Provide a sewing kit for D-Day

Despite all the care given to the dresses, we are never safe from a small incident on the wedding day. Whether it's a loose button or a guest stepping on your lace train, the sewing kit will truly be your survival kit . Inside this kit, the essentials are obviously a needle and threads (white or ivory depending on the color of your gown), but also a pair of small scissors and safety pins . With these items, you'll be prepared to fix these types of small accidents.

Clean blood stains with your own saliva

If you end up with a small stain of blood on your precious wedding dress, with clean hands put some of your own saliva on a handkerchief or a cotton swab and clean by staying only on the stain. Avoid cleaning beyond the spot as you could create a halo.

Choose natural products over chemicals

Perchloroethylene is one of the chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning, but it is far from the only one. If you want to have your dress cleaned by a dry cleaner, the recommendation is to choose an organic dry cleaner which will use natural products that are neither harmful to health nor to the environment.

Clean your wedding dress within 15 days

The longer you delay cleaning your wedding dress, the more difficult the stains will be to remove. Over time, they become embedded in the fabric. If you want to regain the shine of your wedding dress , do not procrastinate!

Iron without burning

In the boutique, we have special irons that allow us to deliver bridal gowns that are immaculately ironed and ready to be worn. If you want to iron your wedding dress at home, there are a few very important rules to follow so you don't ruin the fabrics.

  • To iron lining, satin and muslin fabrics, you can use the "wool" program (or the most delicate program) of your iron.

  • For tulle and organza fabrics, it is absolutely necessary to iron with a cloth (a piece of wet cotton) to avoid the shrinkage of the fabrics. With the iron directly on these types of fabrics, due to the heat, they will definitely decrease in size.

Keep your wedding dress in the best conditions

Once your wedding dress is clean and ironed, you will definitely want to store it so that it does not get damaged over time.

Put your gown in a fabric garment bag. This will protect it from light but not from air. To protect it from the air, you can wrap the garment case in a plastic bag. You can then hang it in your wardrobe or fold it in a cupboard. Be careful, however, do not let the plastic directly touch the dress because it could darken or yellow it.

If you don't have a garment case, you have another option. Wrap the dress in a silk paper or a cotton fabric and store it in a closed box away from light.

The best solution is still preservation boxes specially designed for wedding dresses, even if they are very rarely offered in stores. These boxes, which are used by museums , allow you to keep your wedding dress in the best possible conditions .

As an additional tip (from south of France) remember to put a little bag of lavender near your dress to keep moths away . An eco-responsible and effective solution against these little bugs.

Ask us at La Chic Bride

If you have any doubt about how to clean or iron your wedding dress, do not hesitate to contact us. The La Chic Bride Team knows the dresses and their specificities and will give you the steps to follow, so you will not ruin your precious wedding dress . And if you want to take the gown to a dry cleaner, we might even be able to recommend a trusted professional.

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